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Crew of the Sad Remerel

Tark and Ti’mouth’ca have been hired by Ederos Sula of the Voren Institute to track down The Eye of Rodia.

They’ve joined up with Duros pilot Jad Renek, who is on the run from the Empire after taking the fall for the Jyvus City Bombing. He’s determined to track down the Deadeyes who carried out the attack and framed his family.

Human doctor Eldo Rip joined the crew to evade bounty hunters sent after him by Black Sun Vigo Rek Vapasi, after Eldo ran out on Vapasi’s pregnant daughter Lyda.

They discovered Old Republic Assassin droid HK-6 on a remote planet and restored him to working order. It was obsessed with finishing its last job and eliminating the descendants of Linden Kalex until it met its demise in a battle with Imperial Stormtroopers.

On the planet Luma, the party encountered a Trandoshan named Hrossk, who had been marooned on the planet and forced into slavery building the Ziggurat of Jaren Laa.

Planets visited


Ord Mantell

Kalandra IV


Main Page

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