Lumanites are a primitive humanoid life form native to the planet Luma, in the Unknown Regions.


Lumanites are bipedal humanoids who walk upright. They have two pairs of arms, one connected at their shoulders, the other connected at their hips.

Their heads are squat, with no visible neck, seeming to protrude from the front of their shoulders.

They’re extremely athletic and limber. They favor melee weapons like staffs and weighted, balanced clubs when fighting. They use slings as ranged weapons.


Lumanites have a pre-technological culture, with beliefs in magic and superstition which are nevertheless based on observations of the world around them.

They’re a nomadic people, moving from oasis to oasis across the salt-flat deserts of Luma, loading their cloth and wood structures and belongings onto pack animals called linera.


Each Lumanite tribe has a small group of wise women who keep the collective memory and history of their people in their memory. They are storytellers as well as sages, believed to have spiritual abilities to heal and foretell.


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