A Rebel Alliance splinter group, known for their extreme methods and rumored to be responsible for the Jyvus City Bombing, an anti-Imperial action on Duros which killed and injured many civilians.

Jad Renek took the blame for the bombing when he learned that his brothers Tal and Lal Renek had been implicated by the Deadeyes.

Speaking with Bela Russio of the Night Watch, Jad learned that the Deadeyes may have a plan to attack Eriadu, homeworld of the late Grand Moff Tarkin:

“Yes, I know of the Deadeyes. They’re a Corellian Rebel cell not unlike the Night Watch, but they’ve been cut off by the Rebel High Command for their extreme measures.

“Unlike the Night Watch, the Deadeyes focus more on causing damage to the Imperials and anyone or anything allied with them and less on protecting or liberating the people who suffer because of the Empire’s policies.

“I don’t have a direct line to their group, that’s the whole point of the cell structure. We don’t know enough to inform on anyone else should we be captured.

“I heard they’d been disavowed by High Command for proposing a campaign to try to cause a lot of damage to high-value Core Worlds targets.

“The risks of collateral damage were just too great.

“I heard about that hit on Duros, and there were rumors they were trying to raise support for an attack on Eriadu in revenge for the destruction of Alderaan–Tarkin, the Moff who was in charge of that attack came from Eriadu.

“That might be where I’d look for them.”


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