Tag: business


  • Renek Motion Industries

    Starship parts business run by the Renek family. Current president is [[:jalani-renek | Jalani Renek]]. Employees include twin brothers [[:tal-renek | Tal]] and [[:lal-renek | Lal Renek]]. The family business is a successful venture that …

  • Jalani Renek

    Matriarch of the Renek family: * [[:nadal | Nadal Renek (deceased)]] (husband) * [[:jad | Jad Renek]] (son) * [[:tal-renek | Tal Renek]] (son) * [[:lal-renek | Lal Renek]] (song) Current president of [[Renek Motion Industries]].

  • Nadal Renek (deceased)

    Patriarch of the Renek family. Was the president of [[Renek Motion Industries]] until his death. Family: * [[:jad | Jad Renek]] (son) * [[:tal-renek | Tal Renek]] (son) * [[:lal-renek | Lal Renek]] (son) * [[:jalani-renek | Jalani Renek]] (wife)