Chiss Explorer Archaeologist




Archaeologist Ti’mouth’ca was fascinated with xenology from a young age, forsaking her family and striking out from her home in the Chiss Ascendancy into the Galaxy at large.

Bothan Tark Bany’tu is an Outlaw Tech who specializes in information acquisition and spy technology.

Ti’mouth’ca and Tark were hired by Ederos Sula, of the Voren Institute, to recover The Eye of Rodia, a crystalline gem rumored to give the holder the ability to see through the eyes of any member of the Rodian species.

The Voren Institute provided them with resources and payment in return for tracking down and delivering the Eye if it exists.


In her travels, she has collected some samples of alien life as well as arcane knowledge which could be valuable to the right person or group:


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