Eldo Rip

Human Colonist Doctor




Eldo has no idea who his parents were of even what his birth planet may be. His first memories are of his owners and the other slaves who cared for him. His owners had once been powerful nobles, but they fled the Republic before the Clone Wars, due to an accounting “misunderstanding”. Over time this family became the defacto rulers of the small they town, they had settled on.

When Eldo was nine, his owners were stricken with a mysterious illness that no one on their planet could identify. Being a family of means, they called for the best help money could buy, Dr. Nyake (Female Twi’lek). Dr. Nyake raced to the planet in her modified YT-1300, The Bacta-1 . While there Dr. Nyake took a liking to the charming child and was astounded at his intelligence. After she cured the former nobles, she demanded Eldo be given to her as part of her payment.

Eldo spent the remainder of his youth travelling with Nyake, assisting her and learning. Eventually Nyake proposed that Eldo should attend a Medical School and Eldo jumped at the opportunity. He was accepted, due to his high test scores, to the finest med school on Imperial Center aka Coruscant.

During his time there, Eldo developed a taste for the finer things in life. To supplement his income he occasionally worked as a doctor for the family of Rek Vapasi, a powerful Black Sun Vigo on Coruscant. After saving one of Vapasi’s sons from a particularly gruesome combat injury, he was made an offer he couldn’t refuse. He became the Vapasi’s private physician and was put on a payroll far beyoned what he had ever imagined.

Eldo Rip

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