Explorers on the Edge

Arrival on Kalandra

Session 6

The party arrived on the planet Kalandra, in the capital Moonis City, looking for leads on the Eye of Rodia.

Dac’s Cantina

They met with Dac Arlos, whom they recognized as bounty hunter Cad Bane. Bane is older now and has a low-quality cybernetic leg. He has left bounty hunting behind and runs Dac’s Cantina.

Bane told them he would give them information on the Eye of Rodia in exchange for your assistance tracking down his missing wife, Nayva Swift. Bane hasn’t seen his wife in six standard months.

Bane has one lead, a navigator named Alanna Zarbo, who told Bane she knew something about Nayva’s disappearance and then disappeared herself. This was about a week ago.

Moff Salessar

On the way out of Dac’s Cantina, they met Moff Salessar, Imperial governor in charge of this sector. He asked them where they’re from and where they’re going.

Moff Salessar also mentioned an Imperial raid on Ord Mantell, which they took to mean the capture of Worlport crimelord Lutrec, to whom they sold a lightsaber crystal before leaving the planet.

Jad Renek asked Bane about local Rebel activity, and Bane gave Jad the name Bela Russio as a lead to follow.

The Blue Iris Theater Group

HK-6 learned that Arto Kalex‘s traveling theater troupe, the Blue Iris Theater Group, would be performing on the planet Onderon in about a month’s time.

At the end of the session they returned to the Sad Remerel, considering ways to go about finding Alanna Zarbo and tracking down Nayva Swift.

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