Explorers on the Edge

Preview: The Unknown Arrival
Session 13

Full Opening Crawl…

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

Explorers on the Edge

The Unknown Arrival

Deep in the Unknown Regions lie thousands of undiscovered worlds, with a variety of alien life as infinite as the stars.

The crew of the Sad Remerel nears the end of a desperate journey fraught with mystery, suspicion and danger, with one passenger dead and another confined for the murder. Tensions rise and food and water supplies are all but gone.

As they come out of hyperspace near the planet Elo’oo, the adventurers find themselves in a near-miss collision with an alien warship, which crashes on the planet below….

Journey of the Refugees
Session 12

Jad put Hrossk in charge of security on the food rations

Aurren Cado fixed the communications array. They received a message from Ederos Sula of the Voren Institute imploring them to contact her if they needed any assistance or help in any way.

They sent a reply to Voren with the information that they needed food and mechanical aid and that they had sensitive information about the Eye of Rodia. They gave their destination coordinates.

Ti’mouth’ca talked with Nayva Swift about what she remembered of Jaren Laa

  • mechanics of the Star Hammer
  • what was the Eye of Rodia

Aurren Cado the Human mechanic kept his distance from Nayva Swift.

Dr. Rip charmed the Togruta dancer, Cacete Darwin, and she talked with him all night.

Amitey Baldor, the Gran politician, asked Jad if she could send a communication to some friends on Malastare so they might launch a relief effort to locate any survivors of the Ziggurat on Luma. Jad allowed her to make an encrypted transmission.

Burgan Graal the Chevin businessman and Edus Fiana the Arcona fought over the food. Graal claimed Fiana was stealing food. Fiana said he was looking for salt. Dr. Rip gave Fiana some salt to feed his addiction and keep him docile.

A few days later, Edus Fiana attacked Nayva Swift with a knife, slashing her across the arm.

Fiana claimed she was still putting voices in his head, as she had done when Jaren Laa kept them prisoner. That she was telling him to kill ‘the lizard’ (meaning Hrossk).

Dr. Rip sedated Fiana and mended Swift’s wound. The group decided to keep Fiana tied up and to implement a buddy system, pairing members of the party with a passenger to keep an eye on them.

Cacete Darwin, the Togruta dancer, had been cold toward Dr. Rip since the night they talked, and she made a connection with Jad Renek.

Hrossk went to check on Aurren Cado and found him dead, from multiple stab wounds to the chest. Dr. Rip examined him and determined his wounds were caused by Fiana’s knife and that he was killed in his sleep.

The crew and the passengers all discussed the possibilities that Fiana was telling the truth and that Nayva Swift was indeed somehow manipulating events with her mind, or that Jaren Laa still existed and was somehow taking over the mind of someone besides Nayva Swift.

Ti’mouth’ca volunteered to stay with Nayva, Jad paired with Cacete Darwin, Burgan Graal offered to pair with Hrossk, and Amitey Baldor the Gran politician paired with Dr. Rip.

Burgan Graal recognized Hrossk, asking him if he used to work for Black Sun Vigo Rek Vapasi as a bodyguard. Graal said he’d seen Hrossk with Vapasi on Malastare once on business. Hrossk angrily denied it.

Recognizing the name Rek Vapasi, Dr. Rip grew noticeably worried and left the room.

Later, when they were alone, Hrossk threatened Graal to keep quiet about Rek Vapasi and Black Sun. Graal insisted he knows nothing about the Eye of Rodia.

After around two weeks in space, the ship arrived at its destination, in orbit around an M-class planet with blue oceans and several large continents. Satellites orbited the planet and the lights of populous cities could be seen below.

Jad attempted to communicate with the planet and received transmissions of a musical nature, with multiple voices singing, sometimes separately and sometimes in harmony.

The ship received a beacon signal from the largest city below. As they descended toward the planet, they passed through cloud cover into a ferocious storm.

Proximity alarms blared as the ship nearly collided with a large sharp, jagged cruiser with red trim on white. It and two smaller ships appeared to be performing a bombing run on the city below.

The larger ship spun out of control and crashed into the outskirts of the city as two small sleek white fighters approached the Sad Remerel…

Preview: Journey of the Refugees
Session 12

Full Opening Crawl…

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

Explorers on the Edge

Journey of the Refugees

The Unknown Regions stretch into infinity beyond the known galaxy.

The crew of the Sad Remerel has rescued an assortment of refugees from the destruction of the Ziggurat of Jaren Laa on the mysterious planet Luma, including NAYVA SWIFT, the wife of bounty hunter Cad Bane.

Running low on fuel and supplies, they make their way deeper into the Unknown Regions toward an undiscovered alien world….

Revenge of the Ancients
Session 11


Within the ancient Ziggurat of Jaren Laa on the planet Luma, Tark, Hrossk and the rescued mechanic Aurren Cado deactivated the control towers of the Star Hammer, sending the mechanism into overload. Hrossk attempted to remove the Eye of Rodia from the Star Hammer, but the exploding device was perilous to approach.

In Jaren Laa’s Throne Room, Ti’mouth’ca, Jad and Dr. Rip faced off against Jaren Laa, who had possessed the body of Nayva Swift. They succeeded in appealing to Nayva Swift’s compassion enough to incapacitate Jaren Laa.

At the Ziggurat’s hangar bay, the group used scavenged ships and speeders to flee the scene just as an Imperial invasion force was landing on the planet!

As they fled, the Ziggurat exploded, knocking the Empire for a loop and giving the group time to return to their ship and repair the Sad Remerel just enough to make it off-planet.

Slave Cells to Computer Room

The PCs fought their way out of the slave cells in the Ziggurat of Jaren Laa, making a stop at the central computer. Splitting up, Tark, Hrossk and Aurren Cado headed deeper into the Ziggurat toward the Star Hammer chamber. Ti’mouth’ca, Dr. Rip and Jad went up to the Throne Room.

At the Star Hammer

Facing opposition from Rodian thugs and the powerful droid KRN-8K, Tark, Hrossk and Aurren Cado succeeded in deactivating the Star Hammer’s control towers, sending it into overload.

The Identity of Jaren Laa

In the Throne Room, Ti’mouth’ca, Dr. Rip and Jad discovered that, through the Eye of Rodia, Nayva Swift had been possessed by the spirit of Jaren Laa, a powerful Force user who died 12,000 years earlier. They appealed to Nayva Swift’s dormant personality and eventually succeeded in incapacitating her. Nayva Swift briefly awoke and begged them to destroy the Eye of Rodia, fearing that she would never be free of Jaren Laa if they did not.

Star Hammer on overload

In the Star Hammer chamber, Hrossk tried to take the Eye of Rodia from the overloading machinery but the device’s chain reaction began, making it impossible to reach the artifact and escape safely.

Imperial Invasion!

The group fled the Ziggurat with Chevin businessman Burgan Graal and other refugees in tow. As they flew from the Ziggurat they discovered a full-scale Imperial invasion force advancing on it, complete with AT-ATs and squadrons of TIE Fighters.

Back at the Sad Remerel

They reached the Sad Remerel and found a host of Lumanite natives working on it, applying repairs to the ship.

Tark worked with the group to make the Sad Remerel spaceworthy again. He discovered that the Lumanites have a strange sort of synergy that results when they are working in concert with one another, and Tark himself was able to tap into it. The more of them who worked together, the better they got at the task at hand.

At the end, having made strong connections with Lumada Lol, and the other Lumanites, Tark decided to stay behind with the natives.

Into the Unknown again

Jad estimated the ship didn’t have enough fuel to reach Edo, the nearest civilized spaceport in the known Galaxy, so he laid in a course for the coordinates discovered in the wreckage of the crashed alien ship, further into the Unknown Regions, to see what they would find….

Preview: Revenge of the Ancients
Session 11

Full Opening Crawl…

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

Explorers on the Edge

Revenge of the Ancients

The crew of the Sad Remerel has ventured into a mysterious Ziggurat on an uncharted world in search of the Eye of Rodia.

Deep within the Ziggurat is located the STAR HAMMER, a powerful weapon which can transport an entire planet across the Galaxy.

Spurred by mysterious dreams, the heroes press on with a group of freed captives, until they are discovered by Rodian soldiers….

Into the Ziggurat
Session 10


In the Unknown Regions on the desert planet of Luma, the PCs used a stolen Imperial thermal detonator to destroy a native rock monster, discovering an ancient Lumanite cave in the process.

Through a secret underground passage, the party approached the Ziggurat of Jaren Laa and investigated its slave cells, freeing prisoners. Among the prisoners was mechanic Aurren Cado. Cado warned them of the Star Hammer, a massive machine at the heart of the Ziggurat.

As they set off into the Ziggurat itself, Rodian guards blocked their way with weapons drawn!

The Litulanak Strikes

In the salt-flats desert of the planet Luma, the party discovered a rocky outcropping with a pool of water and some vegetation. They approached it, only to find a large creature seemingly made up of rocks and pieces of metal rising up and threatening them.

Ti’mouth’ca was able to discern that it was an organic creature which used the tendrils of its body to burrow into objects and use them as a form of armor.

The creature struck Hrossk, nearly incapacitating him. Jad distracted it by shooting it, and the creature struck Jad as well.

Tark had an idea, and took from Eldo the thermal detonator they salvaged from a stolen Imperial submarine on Kalandra. He rigged up a bit of adhesive paste onto the detonator and attached it to the back of the creature.

The resulting explosion incinerated the creature, leaving chunks of metal and rock spread across the salt flats, with a crater where it had been standing. The tremors collapsed some rocks near the oasis, revealing a sinkhole.

Carvings in an Ancient Cave

Beyond the sinkhole they discovered an ancient cave, carved by the hand of a sentient creature, with runes and hieroglyphics on the walls in the written language of the native Lumanites.

Elated at the chance to decipher the ancient runes, Ti’mouth’ca was able to distinguish two distinct sets of carvings:

The Ziggurat of Jaren Laa

The hieroglyphics dated back thousands of years. They had suffered a great deal of damage and were of a different form than the modern examples Ti’mouth’ca was given by the natives, but she was able to make out a couple of points:

  • The ziggurat they are travelling towards is the Ziggurat of Jaren Laa, the same ancient figure whose temple they explored on Christophsis.
  • A secret passage leads from this cave into the Slave Cells of the Ziggurat.

The Story of Jaren Laa

The second set of carvings was more intact and thus easier to interpret. Ti’mouth’ca learned:

  • Thousands of years ago, on another world, Jaren Laa was a wise woman, studying how people travel across the stars. She discovered the Eye of Rodia on a distant planet.
  • Jaren Laa has a powerful, magnetic will
  • She has visions which sometimes predict the future
  • Jaren Laa is able to compel people to follow her against their will

Imperial Probe Droid

As they were preparing to make camp for the night, the party heard the sound of repulsorlifts humming outside the cave.

Jad snuck over to the edge and peered out. He was able to spot the bulbous black body of an Imperial Probe Droid hovering across the salt flats, its multi-eyed head circling and scanning the surroundings.

The group speculated about why an Imperial Probe Droid might be on the surface of Luma.

  • Perhaps it was part of a ship that was marooned here by the same forces that marooned others?
  • Perhaps the Empire was investigating what was happening?

At last, the droid did not seem to have noticed them and it passed by out of sight.

Strange Dreams

The next day, the party located the secret passage into a long, man-made tunnel that stretched toward the East. They ventured down it and travelled for about a day.

That night the party experienced strange dreams, having to do with Nayva Swift, Jaren Laa, the Ziggurat, and various elements of their pasts.

Jad, Eldo and Ti’mouth’ca shared their dreams while Tark and Hrossk kept theirs to themselves.


  • you’re running through a maze of ancient stone hallways
  • in front of you is a woman, you’re trying to catch up with her
  • she is Lyda Vapasi, daughter of Rek Vapasi, the woman you left behind on Coruscant
  • but she is wearing the amulet belonging to Nayva Swift, wife of Cad Bane
  • before you can catch her, a tall figure steps out from the shadows
  • the figure stabs her and she falls to the ground, dead


  • you’re in the cockpit of the Sad Remerel as she’s about to crash on Luma
  • in front of you is a massive stone and metal temple
  • inside the temple is a Throne Room
  • in the Throne Room is Nayva Swift, crying
  • she goes to the window and looks out
  • just as the ship crashes and everything goes black


They continued on, and within several hours the tunnel inclined, becoming a stairway, until it ended at a secret door leading into the Slave Cells of the Ziggurat of Jaren Laa.

Slave Cells of the Ziggurat

The Ziggurat’s slave chambers consisted of a honeycombed block of individual cells holding four to five people each behind barred metal gates with a mechanical lock. Each cell block contained between 40 and 50 individuals of varying alien races.

Aurren Cado

In one of the slave cells, the party located Aurren Cado, a mechanic shipmate of Hrossk’s, who had been marooned on this planet with him. Cado was severely beaten and barely alive.

Tark picked the lock of Cado’s cell and they took him and the cell’s other occupants behind the secret door to perform medicine on him.

Dr. Rip was able to bring Cado to the brink of consciousness and give him a stimpack, rendering him lucid and able to move about, with some difficulty.

The Star Hammer

Cado raved that the Ziggurat contained a massive weapon called the Star Hammer, which was the device that had wrenched their ship out of hyperspace. He said that, when fully charged, the Star Hammer would be able to transport the entire planet of Luma to the orbit of any other sun in the Galaxy.

He said that the device had begun charging and that it would be fully charged in less than two hours, leaving them very little time to destroy the device.

Destroying the Star Hammer

Cado explained that three control towers regulated the flow of energy through the Star Hammer. All three must be deactivated to trigger the destruction of the Star Hammer and the Ziggurat itself.

Cado’s cellmates

Also in the cell with Aurren Cado were four other individuals:

  • Amitey Baldor, a female Gran politican.
  • Cacete Darwin, a female Togruta dancer.
  • Edus Fiana, a male Arcona with glassy, glazed eyes.
  • Burgan Graal, a male Chevin. Burgan Graal is a businessman and he tells the PCs that if they were able to help him escape, he would be able to reward them generously on Nar Shadaa.

The party learned of the existence of a Computer Room where they could learn more about the Ziggurat and possibly deactivate its security, and a Hangar Bay where they might be able to find a vehicle to escape the Ziggurat.

Freeing the slaves

The group left the secret passage and opened the rest of the slave cells. Dr. Rip rallied the captives to fight, gathering a group of ten stronger individuals who were willing to take up arms against their Rodian captors.

Turning toward the cell block’s open blast door to leave, the party was surprised by a patrol of Rodian guards drawing their weapons and ordering them to freeze!

Preview: Into the Ziggurat
Session 10

Full Opening Crawl…

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

Explorers on the Edge

Into the Ziggurat

The Galaxy is in chaos. The evil Galactic Empire crushes its opposition with an iron fist, expanding its influence and spreading its reign of terror.

In the Unknown Regions, the crew of the Sad Remerel makes their way across the surface of the remote desert planet Luma in search of a mysterious ZIGGURAT of unknown power.

After weeks of travel, scouring the desert for food and water, the desperate crew comes upon an oasis of natural springs, but a strange creature seemingly made of stone and metal blocks their way…

The Crash

I almost wish I could say that I don’t remember the crash, like some glit-biter losing their poodoo in a crisis who says it was all just a blur and their life flashed before their eyes. Long before the Remerel broke up, my mind had already gone to work cataloguing the details of our demise, a last log entry which my Bothan arrogance figured would be of value to someone. I had lashed myself down in the service corridor with some cargo netting in a futile attempt to steady my position as I tried to get the engines back online. Who or what could have pulled us out of hyperspace? The cold bottomlessness that punched my groin told me more than the warning klaxons. That empty, non-sound left behind when something vital is scooped out of the world was the engines going cold at the worst time. In retrospect, part of me was howling in despair and terror, but thankfully I locked that part in a metal box while my hands started pulling away panels and rerouting conduits. You get a real intimacy with a ship in these service corridors, like you’re climbing through the veins and arteries of a giant heart. I remember noting a cable that could do with another coat of insulation and I’d get to it after the ship was done being torn apart by this unscheduled atmospheric re-entry. It’s the stupid details that keep you from jumping out the airlock. My spine sang when the engines spooled up.

In the end it didn’t matter. A new set of klaxons went off and I was smashed against the ceiling. I imagined Jad riding the sticks hard, slapping at buttons on the con, but none of them were labelled “miracle.” My shoulder snapped as I was torn from my makeshift harness and plastered across the wall. The disassociated Bothan information collector in my head noted that this was the worst I’d ever been hurt. Back on Kothlis, years ago, I’d been on a gantry that collapsed. I had the same feeling of being betrayed by gravity, a solid world, all the things I took for granted. The corridor shook violently as the Remerel carved a new landing strip into the planet’s surface. My head beat in time with the vibrations and I bit through my tongue and cheek. I thought the lights were dimming. Well, some of them actually were, but I was also starting to black out.

I didn’t realize how much of the world had been so full of noise and terror until it stopped. An ocean of silence rushed in. I blinked and tried to roll over. I was lying next to the edge of a cliff, dropping off into an unknowable darkness. I couldn’t recall Jad mentioning that he had a cargo compartment large enough to hide a Star Destroyer. Then I realized that every time I moved, the chasm of darkness expanded and I was just perpetually on the verge of blacking out. I sent an encrypted message to my fingers which seemed engaged in a deep undercover mission on the far side of the planet. They eventually got the message and proceeded to activate my commlink.

“As you may have noticed, many of the ship’s systems are offline, including your technician. Some help would be appreciated.” Maybe that’s not exactly what I said. Maybe I just gurgled and spit out some teeth. It didn’t matter because Rip found me anyway. He surveyed me as one would a piece of Ithorian sculpture, not sure if someone had knocked it over or if it was just supposed to look that way. His expression never clued me in to how badly I was banged up. He was a professional. Rip took a nip from a flask and then poured some down my throat. Then he joked around, saying, “Well, I guess my job here is done.” Then he winked and brought out the stims and got to work.

The crew emerged from the slanted corridors bathed in emergency lights, dreamers waking from the same bad glitterstim trip. We couldn’t believe what we were seeing, so we just kept moving forward, grasping for something familiar. Ti’mouth’ca was carrying a miraculously unbroken burial urn she discovered on one of our last expeditions. She cradled it like a baby before coming to her senses, setting it down, and gathering more practical supplies.

I found Jad outside, surveying the damage. I wanted to put it off as long as possible, let the denial linger warm and sweet. What I had first mistook for rock outcropping in the distance were actually bits of the Sad Remerel’s landing gear. The ship looked as though a giant child, bored with its toy, had methodically smashed it on the ground so beyond repair that the child’s parents would have to buy a new one. I guess, had I been objective, I knew I’d seen worse. I was still shaking. I had been inside it. I was looking at my trauma rendered in twisted chunks across the landscape. But I was walking now, so that meant maybe the Remerel could fly again. Either that or give it a new name.

Look at me, already fixing the ship in my head. Flying away. Continuing the journey. As if I knew where we were. As if this planet had promised us another sunrise. The world was flat as a Dejarik table, a bleak plain of nothing that the universe had neglected to detail with any sort of hope. We gathered what we could and set off, little Dejarik pieces moving away from their busted toy, toward the edge of the board.

Stranded on Luma
Session 9


Crashing on the remote planet of Luma, the PCs took shelter with a tribe of native villagers. There they met Hrossk, a Trandoshan who shared stories of a massive Ziggurat to the East where Rodians are forcing slaves to continue its construction.

They ventured across the desert toward the Ziggurat, encountering the ruins of a massive alien starship, crashed in the desert. They continued East until they reached a small oasis, where what looked like a pile of rocks and machine parts seemed to come to life, shambling toward them…

The Crash

After travelling into the Unknown Regions to locate Cad Bane’s missing wife Nayva Swift, the Sad Remerel was pulled out of orbit, engines on fire, over the planet Luma.

Tark got the engine working. Jad stabilized the trajectory. The ship was still wildly out of control, it crashed in the planet making a huge crater.

The ship is disabled, will require at least a day’s work to get it flying at all.

Tark was badly injured in the crash. Dr. Rip worked on him and patched him up.

Meet the Lumanites

They set out into the desert, finding tracks of bipedal feet and six-legged beast.

They encountered a village of Lumanites, aliens native to this planet.

Dr. Rip tried to charm them without success. Ti’mouth’ca also tried and failed to understand their language.

The aliens were compassionate to the party, inviting them into their village and giving them food and water.

Meeting Hrossk

In the village they discovered a Trandoshan, unconscious from wounds and exposure. The aliens had been trying to heal him. Dr. Rip worked on him and he woke up. His name is Hrossk.

He communicated in halting Basic that he was held as a slave at a Ziggurat to the East, where he was forced to work.

Irrigating the Crops

Tark helped a villager named Lumada Lol fix his irrigation system that he had rigged from wood and metal scavenged from crashed starships.

Digging deep with the wise women

The party rested overnight and Ti’mouth’ca spent time with the villagers in the morning, observing them teaching their children, and she made great strides in learning their language as well as their culture. She also learned some of their writing, and they gave her a sample of a leather scroll with their writing on it as a present.


In the morning as they were setting out, the party experienced a bright flash from the East and a massive quake that shook the hills. The villagers told them that had been happening more often recently.

Crashed Ship

Heading off toward the East, the party traveled for several days before finding the remains of an enormous crashed ship. It appeared to be roughly the size of a Corellian Corvette, but it was of alien design that none of them recognized.

In the wreckage there were between 30 and 40 burned corpses of a bipedal alien of some unknown species. Tark tried to slice the ship’s computer, but it was too badly damaged and alien in design to discover anything useful.

Tark did scavenge through the wreckage and discover some rations, about 5 days worth (of which they could carry about 3 days worth).

Examining the remains of the ship’s cockpit, Jad and Tark were able to decipher some astrogation data that pointed to a location in the Unknown Regions, it was either the ship’s origin or its destination.

The Oasis

After about a week’s travel, the party found an oasis in the desert, with some little hills and a spring making a small pond of fresh water, along with some edible plants and berries. Some rocks and pieces of machinery were clustered together by the pond.

They approached the pond, but as they did they noticed the rocks and machinery seemed to come to life, to rise up in animated form and shamble toward them…

Preview: Stranded on Luma
Session 9

Full Opening Crawl…

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

Explorers on the Edge

Stranded on Luma

While the Empire enforces its rule in the known Galaxy, the vast areas of unexplored space called the UNKNOWN REGIONS hold countless mysteries within their borders.

The crew of the Sad Remerel has traveled to secret coordinates in the Unknown Regions to locate the missing wife of bounty hunter Cad Bane and recover the legendary Eye of Rodia.

Sortly before arrival, their ship is pulled from hyperspace by an unknown force, and the crew finds themselves high above a mysterious planet with just moments to regain control before crashing onto the planet’s surface…