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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Edge of the Empire

Explorers on the Edge

Civil war rages across the Galaxy. The Rebel Alliance has won a victory over the Empire with the destruction of the Death Star, but Imperial oppression continues to grow.

On the fringes of civilized society, shadowy forces search the Galaxy for mysterious artifacts and ancient relics, including the rumored EYE OF RODIA, a crystalline gem with untold powers.

One group of adventurers, sponsored by the elusive Voren Institute, delves into ancient temples and explores the underworld to find the Eye of Rodia and stay one step ahead of their own dark pasts…

Tark and Ti’mouth’ca

Archaeologist Ti’mouth’ca was fascinated with xenology and research from a young age, forsaking her family and striking out from her home in the Chiss Ascendancy into the Galaxy at large.

Bothan Tark Bany’tu is an Outlaw Tech who specializes in information acquisition and spy technology.

The Eye of Rodia

Ti’mouth’ca and Tark have been hired by Ederos Sula, a representative of the Voren Institute, to recover the Eye of Rodia, a crystalline gem rumored to give the holder the ability to see through the eyes of any member of the Rodian species.

The Voren Institute

The Voren Institute is a well-funded consortium of scientists working to preserve the ancient heritage of the Galaxy through exploration, research and recovery of relics and knowledge.

Ederos Sula had hired Ti’mouth’ca a number of times to recover ancient scrolls or to collect samples of life from remote worlds.

She had hired Tark Bany’tu to perform delicate research that sometimes required breaching security systems or slicing sophisticated computers.

She put Ti’mouth’ca and Tark together and provided them with considerable resources (their spying and exploration equipment) as well as advance payment (originally 10,000 credits, of which little is left after months of research) in return for tracking down and delivering this item if it exists.

Jad Renek

At some point in their travels, Ti’mouth’ca and Tark encountered the Duros Pilot Jad Renek. The two of them had spent most of their advance on ship passage to various parts of the galaxy without much to show for it, so they felt motivated to team up with Jad and become crew on his ship, the Sad Remerel.

Jad was willing to assist them in their search for the Eye of Rodia in return for their exploration and research aid in bringing to justice the Deadeyes, a splinter group of Corellian Rebels who framed his family for the Jyvus City Bombing, an act of terrorism against the Empire which resulted in significant loss of civilian life.

Eldo Rip

Human Doctor Eldo Rip snuck aboard the Sad Remerel in an effort to escape from bounty hunters on his trail. When the crew discovered him, he soon proved useful in patching up wounds and the group took him on as a member.

HK-6 (deceased)

In their travels, the three of them came upon Droid Assassin HK–6 (“Six”), rusting and frozen for several thousand years since running out of power on a remote world in its pursuit of a target in the days of the Old Republic. It has joined their crew as muscle and become fascinated with the modern popular culture of the Galaxy, especially Arto Kalex, the last descendent of Six’s original target. Sadly, HK-6 perished as a result of an assault by Imperial Stormtroopers.


Stranded by mysterious forces on the planet Luma, Hrossk was taken prisoner by Rodian thugs and forced into slave labor. He escaped and was found unconscious in the desert by the native Lumanites. There he met the rest of the adventurers, who healed him up. In return, he is helping guide them into the mysterious Ziggurat where he was held captive.

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