Ziggurat of Jaren Laa

Massive, ancient ziggurat temple belonging to Jaren Laa.

It was located on the planet Luma, in the Unknown Regions.

Jaren Laa was a powerful Force-sensitive who became obsessed with exploring the then-nascent technology of hyperspace and interstellar travel. During her travels she discovered the Eye of Rodia, a powerful artifact with affinities to the Force.

The Ziggurat was built by worshippers of Jaren Laa 12,000 years ago. It housed the Star Hammer, a massive weapon capable of transporting a planet through hyperspace into the orbit of another star.

12,000 years ago, Jaren Laa was killed during a siege of the Ziggurat by native Lumanites.

Her spirit lived on within the Eye of Rodia until it was stolen by bounty hunter Cad Bane. After Bane retired to the planet Kalandra, the Eye of Rodia began affecting the mind of Bane’s wife, Nayva Swift.

Gradually Jaren Laa possessed Nayva Swift. She left Kalandra and travelled to Luma to finish construction on the Star Hammer and use it to dominate the galaxy.

Ziggurat of Jaren Laa

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