Lumanite Cave

The Lumanite Cave was a cave discovered on the planet Luma after the crew of the Sad Remerel used a thermal detonator to destroy a Litulanak.

The resulting tremors exposed a sinkhole leading into the cave.

Within the cave were two main sets of runes and hieroglyphics, which were analyzed by Ti’mouth’ca.

The Ziggurat of Jaren Laa

The hieroglyphics dated back thousands of years. They had suffered a great deal of damage and were of a different form than the modern examples Ti’mouth’ca was given by the natives, but she was able to make out a couple of points:

  • The ziggurat they are travelling towards is the Ziggurat of Jaren Laa, the same ancient figure whose temple they explored on Christophsis.
  • A secret passage leads from this cave into the Slave Cells of the Ziggurat.

The Story of Jaren Laa

The second set of carvings was more intact and thus easier to interpret. Ti’mouth’ca learned:

  • Thousands of years ago, on another world, Jaren Laa was a wise woman, studying how people travel across the stars. She discovered the Eye of Rodia on a distant planet.
  • Jaren Laa has a powerful, magnetic will
  • She has visions which sometimes predict the future
  • Jaren Laa is able to compel people to follow her against their will

Secret passage

The ancient cave also contained a secret passage leading into the Slave Cells of Ziggurat of Jaren Laa.

Lumanite Cave

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