Dac's Cantina

Cantina owned by Dac Arlos aka Cad Bane in Moonis City on Kalandra IV.

Fancy establishment with a varied clientele of wealthy and underworld visitors.


Dac Arlos’s cantina is located in Moonis City, in what has become known as the Refugee District. It is closer to the outskirts of the city, near enough to the starport that one can see the ships taking off from the front of the cantina.

The cantina is technically a large boat, moored and anchored and fastened to land with platforms to approach. It’s structured more like a building than a boat, and it’s designed to serve as a building.

No Droids

Dac’s Cantina doesn’t allow droids. Droid detector devices can be found in the entryways which give a soft hum, alerting the host (and, if necessary, the bouncers).

Many sensitive deals are conducted within Dac’s and his clientele feels more comfortable with droids excluded.

Dac's Cantina

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