Blue Mynock

A cantina in Moonis City on Kalandra IV.

Owned and operated by Farani, a powerful and influential leader of the black market.

The Blue Mynock is a large cantina and tapcafe on the edge of the Refugee District. It is bustling with life as you approach and the polyrhythms of some alien musical style unknown to you drift through its doors and windows onto the street.

If Dac’s Cantina puts on civilized airs in its decor and furnishings, the Blue Mynock goes overboard with exotic affectations. It has an eye-opening mix of alien cultures in its architecture, from Twi’lek wall-carvings to Sullustan tapestries to Gran and Huttese carvings and sculptures.

The low, squat structure has a wide patio open to the air and small steps leading to double doors that enter the building proper.

Sitting at a round table in the patio area is a huge, corpulent blue Twi’lek with the widest, plumpest head-tails you have ever seen–two from the front of his head and two more from the back.

He’s dressed well, in wealthy Twi’lek style, and as he speaks to a couple of Devaronians you can see he has the traditional sharpened teeth of a Twi’lek male.

He gives you a gesture of greeting with his hand as you enter.

Blue Mynock

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