Explorers on the Edge

Descent into the Crystal Caves
Session 1

The PCs are in search of a mythical artifact called The Eye of Rodia.

Ti’mouth’ca and Tark were paid by the Voren Institute to find it.

Christophsis and the Temple of Jaren Laa

On Christophsis, they discovered The Temple of Jaren Laa and collected a variety of ancient relics but the Eye of Rodia wasn’t among them.

Also among the relics on Christophsis was a mysterious crystal that could possibly be used in a lightsaber.

OOM-274, battle droid found in the temple had evidence that bounty hunter Cad Bane had been hired by someone named Nesto Vos to steal the Eye of Rodia.

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What the Battle Droid Saw
Session 2

In the last session, the PCs discovered OOM-274, an ancient battle droid, in the Temple of Jaren Laa under the surface of Christophsis.

OOM-274’s monologue:

The horror…

It’s impossible for words to describe what is necessary to those who do not know what horror means. Horror has a face. You must make a friend of horror. If not, then it is an enemy to be feared.

I remember when I was on the surface. Seems a thousand centuries ago. We went to liberate the city, and there were laser swords … and they hacked off the arms of every droid there. A pile of little arms.

And I realized they were stronger than we.

Wait… who are you?

When the PCs discovered OOM-274, he was cooperative, if a bit loopy.

They discovered an old holo-recording in his memory banks:

The sounds of blaster fire and the shrill voices of dying Battle Droids.

Into the frame comes a Rodian struggling to carry a huge crate out of the temple into the passageway.

A raspy voice in a thick Duros accent speaks:

“Hurry it up with those crates, Reelo, I’ve got to get these treasures to Nesto Vos before the Separatists realize we’re here.”

More blaster fire.

The Rodian says:

“It might be a little easier, Bane, if you’d help me,” as he carries the crates away.

A figure steps into view—a tall Duros wearing a thick duster and a wide-brimmed hat. He turns in your direction, and you can see that he’s got breathing tubes attached to the sides of his face and he’s chewing on a toothpick.

“Just make sure you get them all, you’re being well paid.”

He turns and fires another volley with his blaster pistol, more droids squeal as they die.

The Duros squints as he looks around, then he steps out of the frame and the recording ends.

Ambushed by Thugs

They took this data and returned to their ship, to be confronted by a gang of thugs in small fighters. They engaged in a running firefight with the thugs, Jad leaping into the cockpit of the ship and firing it up as the thugs launched their own fighters and began to blast at the party members still on the ground.

The Sad Remerel took off and the PCs were able to destroy the thugs’ fighters and escape the planet.

On Ord Mantell

The PCs left Christophsis and travelled to Ord Mantell to meet with Tark’s friend Gears Breil’ya.

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Looking for Trouble on Ord Mantell
Session 3

Gears Breil’lya and Ord Mantell

The PCs travelled to Ord Mantell, to the city of Worlport, to meet Tark’s friend Gears Breil’ya.

Gears is a Bothan mechanic and information broker who might be able to help them decode the data they’ve recovered as well as find a contact to sell their relics.

They went to Gears’ shop and gave him the data from OOM-274 as well as Ti’mouth’ca’s holorecordings from the Temple of Jaren Laa.

Eldo and HK-6 at the bar

Eldo wanted to get some refreshments at a nearby bar.

HK-6 wanted to look up Kalexes.

Eldo chatted up a few girls, some human and Twi’lek dancers.

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In Trouble on Ord Mantell
Session 4

Slave Girls in Trouble

On Ord Mantell, Dr. Rip wakes up with a hangover after meeting some girls at the Hyperspace Downtime cantina the previous night.

One of the girls, Una shows up at the ship, says “Help, they’ve taken ”/characters/dotola" class=“wiki-content-link”>Dotol’a captive, buy her freedom"

She says her friend Doto’la was kidnapped by local crimelord and slaver Kw’ynn, a Klatooinian gangster with a lot of influence in Worlport.

Bluffing Kw’ynn

Dr. Rip injects Una with a sedative to knock her out.

He takes her to Kw’ynn’s heavily-guarded compound and tries to bluff Kw’ynn into buying Una from him. Kw’ynn snaps his fingers and calls Una to his side. It’s apparent that Una already belongs to Kw’ynn.

Dr. Rip leaves empty-handed.

The Voren Institute

Tark and Ti’mouth’ca go to Gears’ and talk via holo to Ederos Sula of the Voren Institute. Sula is very eager that they deliver the Eye of Rodia, but Tark and Ti’mouth’ca inform her they haven’t located it yet. They ask for more money, and Sula refuses.

Una’s been stabbed!

On returning to their ship, PCs discover Una, stabbed in the back, in the landing bay.

Dr. Rip manages to keep her alive with medicine. She informs them that Kw’ynn the slaver had set them up from the beginning. Una and Doto’la were supposed to convince Dr. Rip to spend money on purchasing Doto’la.

Una says that unbeknownst to Kw’ynn, Doto’la has possession of a datachip with incriminating evidence that would cause Kw’ynn serious trouble with either local law enforcement or with his criminal rivals. Gears expresses an interest in this data as well.

Doto’la is to be auctioned off the next morning, so if the PCs wish to rescue her and retrieve that datachip, that’s their chance.

Planning the assault

That night, the PCs travel to Liberation Plaza in Worlport, the site of the next day’s slave auction. They scope out the area and plan their assault.

The plaza had a central stage area in front of a fountain. Overhead the plaza was crisscrossed by walkways between buildings. Various speeders and carts were set up selling food of different origins.

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Slave Rescue and Meeting with a Crimelord
Session 5

Assault on Kw’ynn’s Slave Auction

The next morning, the PCs assaulted Klatooinian slaver Kw’ynn‘s slave auction and rescued Doto’la, the Twi’lek slave girl who was smuggling a datachip of evidence that would strike a blow against Kw’ynn with his competition.

HK-6 set up a sniper spot on one of the walkways above the plaza. Jad located a speeder nearby that he could take.

Dr. Rip fought Kw’ynn, who proved to be tougher than Dr. Rip expected.

From the walkway, HK-6 fired sniper shots at Kw’ynn’s main enforcer, severing his leg and taking him out of the fight.

The party escaped the scene with Doto’la and her datachip intact.

Meeting with Lutrec

The party consulted with their friend, Bothan information broker Gears Breil’ya. He let them know he had set up a meeting with a local crimelord and rival of Kw’ynn’s named Lutrec.

The party met Lutrec at his casino in Worlport, an enormous structure of neon and holographs.

They sold Doto’la’s datachip, the relics and lightsaber crystal they had acquired in the Temple of Jaren Laa on Christophsis to Lutrec in exchange for some credits, refueling and repair for their ship, the Sad Remerel, and some upgraded weapons for those who needed them.

A Lead on the Bounty Hunter

Lutrec lets them know he has a lead on Cad Bane:

A few months ago, Lutrec was buying some product from a spacer thief he knows. This thief had recently left Moonis City on the planet Kalandra. He had some gear to sell that had been stolen from a cantina in Moonis City called Dac’s. It was a rusty set of breathing tubes and some jet boots.

Lutrec bought the gear (and has since passed them along to an interested buyer), but the thief didn’t seem to realize these items were some of the signature gear of bounty hunter Cad Bane.

So, however they got there, the bounty hunter’s breathing tubes and boots were found hidden in the basement of Dac’s Cantina on Kalandra IV. If I were trying to find out what happened to Bane, that’s where I’d start."

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Arrival on Kalandra
Session 6

The party arrived on the planet Kalandra, in the capital Moonis City, looking for leads on the Eye of Rodia.

Dac’s Cantina

They met with Dac Arlos, whom they recognized as bounty hunter Cad Bane. Bane is older now and has a low-quality cybernetic leg. He has left bounty hunting behind and runs Dac’s Cantina.

Bane told them he would give them information on the Eye of Rodia in exchange for your assistance tracking down his missing wife, Nayva Swift. Bane hasn’t seen his wife in six standard months.

Bane has one lead, a navigator named Alanna Zarbo, who told Bane she knew something about Nayva’s disappearance and then disappeared herself. This was about a week ago.

Moff Salessar

On the way out of Dac’s Cantina, they met Moff Salessar, Imperial governor in charge of this sector. He asked them where they’re from and where they’re going.

Moff Salessar also mentioned an Imperial raid on Ord Mantell, which they took to mean the capture of Worlport crimelord Lutrec, to whom they sold a lightsaber crystal before leaving the planet.

Jad Renek asked Bane about local Rebel activity, and Bane gave Jad the name Bela Russio as a lead to follow.

The Blue Iris Theater Group

HK-6 learned that Arto Kalex‘s traveling theater troupe, the Blue Iris Theater Group, would be performing on the planet Onderon in about a month’s time.

At the end of the session they returned to the Sad Remerel, considering ways to go about finding Alanna Zarbo and tracking down Nayva Swift.

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Intrigue Under The Sea
Session 7


Having been tasked with locating Cad Bane‘s wife Nayva Swift, the party set out in search of Alanna Zarbo, a ship’s navigator who claimed to have information on her whereabouts.

The PCs discovered Alanna was a member of a Rebel cell called Night Watch and rescued her from an Imperial assault.

Alanna informed the party that Nayva Swift had been on board a ship hijacked by pirates and headed for coordinates in the Unknown Regions.

At the starport

Tark and Jad sliced into computers at the starport and located a storage locker owned by Enela Ranston but paid for by Alanna Zarbo. It contained some underwater gear and a highly illegal BlackOps Data Breaker.

They cracked the Data Breaker and learned that it had been used to intercept Imperial communications to and from Moff Salessar. Salessar has been trying to increase the Imperial influence over Kalandra but is having trouble with a group of Rebels called the Night Watch and their leader, Bela Russio.

Streetwise underwater

Ti’mouth’ca and HK-6 went underwater and asked around in the Mon Calamarian bars. Nobody knew anything about Alanna Zarbo, but Ti’mouth’ca ate some good seafood.

At the Blue Mynock

The party traced Enela Ranston to the Blue Mynock, an exotic cantina in the Refugee District.

They spoke with its proprietor, a corpulent Twi’lek named Farani. He was clearly powerful and influential but carefully neutral about local politics. He showed no feelings about Imperials rounding up refugees on the streets.

They spotted Enela Ranston trying to sneak out of the restaurant, and HK-6 followed her to an abandoned shopping center called Sunside Arcade.

In the Sunside Arcade

They took a turbolift to the bottom floor, and the lift filled with water. The group put in rebreathers and were greeted with a security door and a computer counting down from 20 to 0.

On reaching 0, the party received a potent electric shock from the security system, but Tark was able to deactivate it before it could hurt them too badly.

The Night Watch

Further into the underwater abandoned mall, the PCs discovered a meeting of a Rebel cell called the Night Watch, led by Sullustan Bela Russio. Enela Ranston and Alanna Zarbo were both listening to him speak.

They observed the Rebel meeting in secret until an explosion rocked the building and Imperial Seatroopers attacked.

Imperial Raid

The Rebels held their ground while their computer technicians erased their data from the computers, taking heavy casualties from the Imperial troops.

The party eventually came to the assistance of the Rebels, with Ti’mouth’ca engaging several Seatroopers at close range, and Jad taking control of an Imperial seasled to take out several more troopers. Tark jammed the Imperials’ communications, preventing them from calling for backup. Enela Ranston was killed in the attack.

Eventually the Imperials were defeated and the PCs helped Bela Russio, Alanna Zarbo, and the surviving Rebels escape in the Imperials’ submarine.

What happened to Nayva Swift?

This convinced the Rebels that the party were, if not on their side, at least not their enemies.

Alanna told them what she knows about Nayva Swift:

  • Alanna was on a freighter called the Bendara’s Thousand
  • Nayva Swift had paid to travel on the ship
  • Alanna saw the ship’s destination changed to coordinates in the Unknown Regions
  • There was an explosion, and the ship was boarded by Rodian pirates
  • Alanna escaped in a lifepod

She doesn’t know if Nayva survived, but she gave the PCs the coordinates of the ship’s destination in the Unknown Regions.

Bela Russio and the Deadeyes

Jad Renek asked Bela Russio about the Deadeyes. Russio said the group had been disavowed by Rebel High Command for their vicious and dangerous tactics. They caused too many civilian casualties.

Russio has heard the Deadeyes were trying to organize an attack on Eriadu, the homeworld of Grand Moff Tarkin, who had been in charge of the Death Star.

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Preview: Into the Unknown
Session 8

Full Opening Crawl…

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

Explorers on the Edge

Into the Unknown

In the wake of their loss in the Battle of Yavin, the Empire tightens its grip on star systems throughout the Galaxy. Many in the Core Worlds turn their eyes hopefully, or desperately, to the freedom of the Outer Rim.

As refugees become stranded on the border world of Kalandra, the crew of the Sad Remerel continues their search for the elusive Eye of Rodia, making a deal with retired bounty hunter CAD BANE to track down his missing wife, Nayva Swift.

Their search leads them into the midst of an Imperial raid on a Rebel cell called The Night Watch. Surprising the raiders, the adventurers defeat the Imperials and flee the scene with the Rebels…

Into the Unknown
Session 8


After discovering that Cad Bane‘s wife Nayva Swift had been on a hijacked freighter destined for coordinates in the Unknown Regions, the PCs reached Dac’s Cantina and found it had been shut down by the Empire.

On leaving, they were confronted by Imperial Stormtroopers attempting to take Jad Renek into custody. A gondola chase through the crowded canals of the Market District followed, and the group reached their ship and left Kalandra.

Approaching their destination in the Unknown Regions, the party’s ship burst out of hyperspace with klaxons blaring. They found themselves in orbit around an unknown planet with engines failing and just minutes to regain control before the ship crashes onto the surface of the planet at full speed…

Imperial Loot

The party turned their stolen Imperial sub over to the Night Watch, took some of the Imperial gear to the black marketer Farani and sold it, and kept a handful of grenades, including a thermal detonator.

Dac’s Cantina Closed

They visited Dac’s Cantina and found it closed, but Cad Bane was still inside. The previous night, demonstrations of anti-Imperial sentiment had broken out in the bar and Moff Salessar had shut it down.

The party reported to Cad Bane that his wife Nayva Swift had been on board a freighter which was headed into the Unknown Regions. Bane gave them a medallion which had belonged to Nayva, in the hopes that it might convince her to return to him.

Imperial Assault

On leaving Dac’s, the party was confronted by Imperial Stormtroopers intent on arresting Jad Renek and his companions for ‘crimes against the Empire’. After an exciting gondola chase through the crowded canals of the Market District, they were able to escape the Imperials and reach the starport.

Into the Unknown Regions

They left Kalandra and traveled through hyperspace to refuel on the edge of the Unknown Regions. On arrival they received a pre-recorded holo-message from their contact Gears Breil’lya. He indicated the Empire had shut down the casino belonging to Lutrec, the crime lord to whom the party sold a lightsaber crystal. Lutrec is missing and Gears himself has left the planet.

The Star Charts of Jaren Laa

Gears also said he decoded the symbols on the ceiling of the Temple of Jaren Laa, and they are a star chart. The coordinates they point to are in the Unknown Region, very close to their original destination.

The group set out for those coordinates.

Stopover at Edo

Jad Renek successfully charted a new, faster hyperspace route to the planet Edo on the edge of the Unknown Regions, where they stopped to refuel and resupply the ship before heading into uncharted space.

Emergency on an Unknown World!

After a couple of weeks in space, the Sad Remerel was jolted out of hyperspace with alarms blaring. They found themselves in orbit around an unknown planet, with hyperspace and thrusters failing, fires erupting from the engines, and just minutes to get control of the ship before it crashes into the surface of the planet at full speed….

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Preview: Stranded on Luma
Session 9

Full Opening Crawl…

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

Explorers on the Edge

Stranded on Luma

While the Empire enforces its rule in the known Galaxy, the vast areas of unexplored space called the UNKNOWN REGIONS hold countless mysteries within their borders.

The crew of the Sad Remerel has traveled to secret coordinates in the Unknown Regions to locate the missing wife of bounty hunter Cad Bane and recover the legendary Eye of Rodia.

Sortly before arrival, their ship is pulled from hyperspace by an unknown force, and the crew finds themselves high above a mysterious planet with just moments to regain control before crashing onto the planet’s surface…


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