Explorers on the Edge

Stranded on Luma

Session 9


Crashing on the remote planet of Luma, the PCs took shelter with a tribe of native villagers. There they met Hrossk, a Trandoshan who shared stories of a massive Ziggurat to the East where Rodians are forcing slaves to continue its construction.

They ventured across the desert toward the Ziggurat, encountering the ruins of a massive alien starship, crashed in the desert. They continued East until they reached a small oasis, where what looked like a pile of rocks and machine parts seemed to come to life, shambling toward them…

The Crash

After travelling into the Unknown Regions to locate Cad Bane’s missing wife Nayva Swift, the Sad Remerel was pulled out of orbit, engines on fire, over the planet Luma.

Tark got the engine working. Jad stabilized the trajectory. The ship was still wildly out of control, it crashed in the planet making a huge crater.

The ship is disabled, will require at least a day’s work to get it flying at all.

Tark was badly injured in the crash. Dr. Rip worked on him and patched him up.

Meet the Lumanites

They set out into the desert, finding tracks of bipedal feet and six-legged beast.

They encountered a village of Lumanites, aliens native to this planet.

Dr. Rip tried to charm them without success. Ti’mouth’ca also tried and failed to understand their language.

The aliens were compassionate to the party, inviting them into their village and giving them food and water.

Meeting Hrossk

In the village they discovered a Trandoshan, unconscious from wounds and exposure. The aliens had been trying to heal him. Dr. Rip worked on him and he woke up. His name is Hrossk.

He communicated in halting Basic that he was held as a slave at a Ziggurat to the East, where he was forced to work.

Irrigating the Crops

Tark helped a villager named Lumada Lol fix his irrigation system that he had rigged from wood and metal scavenged from crashed starships.

Digging deep with the wise women

The party rested overnight and Ti’mouth’ca spent time with the villagers in the morning, observing them teaching their children, and she made great strides in learning their language as well as their culture. She also learned some of their writing, and they gave her a sample of a leather scroll with their writing on it as a present.


In the morning as they were setting out, the party experienced a bright flash from the East and a massive quake that shook the hills. The villagers told them that had been happening more often recently.

Crashed Ship

Heading off toward the East, the party traveled for several days before finding the remains of an enormous crashed ship. It appeared to be roughly the size of a Corellian Corvette, but it was of alien design that none of them recognized.

In the wreckage there were between 30 and 40 burned corpses of a bipedal alien of some unknown species. Tark tried to slice the ship’s computer, but it was too badly damaged and alien in design to discover anything useful.

Tark did scavenge through the wreckage and discover some rations, about 5 days worth (of which they could carry about 3 days worth).

Examining the remains of the ship’s cockpit, Jad and Tark were able to decipher some astrogation data that pointed to a location in the Unknown Regions, it was either the ship’s origin or its destination.

The Oasis

After about a week’s travel, the party found an oasis in the desert, with some little hills and a spring making a small pond of fresh water, along with some edible plants and berries. Some rocks and pieces of machinery were clustered together by the pond.

They approached the pond, but as they did they noticed the rocks and machinery seemed to come to life, to rise up in animated form and shamble toward them…


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