Explorers on the Edge

Revenge of the Ancients

Session 11


Within the ancient Ziggurat of Jaren Laa on the planet Luma, Tark, Hrossk and the rescued mechanic Aurren Cado deactivated the control towers of the Star Hammer, sending the mechanism into overload. Hrossk attempted to remove the Eye of Rodia from the Star Hammer, but the exploding device was perilous to approach.

In Jaren Laa’s Throne Room, Ti’mouth’ca, Jad and Dr. Rip faced off against Jaren Laa, who had possessed the body of Nayva Swift. They succeeded in appealing to Nayva Swift’s compassion enough to incapacitate Jaren Laa.

At the Ziggurat’s hangar bay, the group used scavenged ships and speeders to flee the scene just as an Imperial invasion force was landing on the planet!

As they fled, the Ziggurat exploded, knocking the Empire for a loop and giving the group time to return to their ship and repair the Sad Remerel just enough to make it off-planet.

Slave Cells to Computer Room

The PCs fought their way out of the slave cells in the Ziggurat of Jaren Laa, making a stop at the central computer. Splitting up, Tark, Hrossk and Aurren Cado headed deeper into the Ziggurat toward the Star Hammer chamber. Ti’mouth’ca, Dr. Rip and Jad went up to the Throne Room.

At the Star Hammer

Facing opposition from Rodian thugs and the powerful droid KRN-8K, Tark, Hrossk and Aurren Cado succeeded in deactivating the Star Hammer’s control towers, sending it into overload.

The Identity of Jaren Laa

In the Throne Room, Ti’mouth’ca, Dr. Rip and Jad discovered that, through the Eye of Rodia, Nayva Swift had been possessed by the spirit of Jaren Laa, a powerful Force user who died 12,000 years earlier. They appealed to Nayva Swift’s dormant personality and eventually succeeded in incapacitating her. Nayva Swift briefly awoke and begged them to destroy the Eye of Rodia, fearing that she would never be free of Jaren Laa if they did not.

Star Hammer on overload

In the Star Hammer chamber, Hrossk tried to take the Eye of Rodia from the overloading machinery but the device’s chain reaction began, making it impossible to reach the artifact and escape safely.

Imperial Invasion!

The group fled the Ziggurat with Chevin businessman Burgan Graal and other refugees in tow. As they flew from the Ziggurat they discovered a full-scale Imperial invasion force advancing on it, complete with AT-ATs and squadrons of TIE Fighters.

Back at the Sad Remerel

They reached the Sad Remerel and found a host of Lumanite natives working on it, applying repairs to the ship.

Tark worked with the group to make the Sad Remerel spaceworthy again. He discovered that the Lumanites have a strange sort of synergy that results when they are working in concert with one another, and Tark himself was able to tap into it. The more of them who worked together, the better they got at the task at hand.

At the end, having made strong connections with Lumada Lol, and the other Lumanites, Tark decided to stay behind with the natives.

Into the Unknown again

Jad estimated the ship didn’t have enough fuel to reach Edo, the nearest civilized spaceport in the known Galaxy, so he laid in a course for the coordinates discovered in the wreckage of the crashed alien ship, further into the Unknown Regions, to see what they would find….


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