Explorers on the Edge

Journey of the Refugees

Session 12

Jad put Hrossk in charge of security on the food rations

Aurren Cado fixed the communications array. They received a message from Ederos Sula of the Voren Institute imploring them to contact her if they needed any assistance or help in any way.

They sent a reply to Voren with the information that they needed food and mechanical aid and that they had sensitive information about the Eye of Rodia. They gave their destination coordinates.

Ti’mouth’ca talked with Nayva Swift about what she remembered of Jaren Laa

  • mechanics of the Star Hammer
  • what was the Eye of Rodia

Aurren Cado the Human mechanic kept his distance from Nayva Swift.

Dr. Rip charmed the Togruta dancer, Cacete Darwin, and she talked with him all night.

Amitey Baldor, the Gran politician, asked Jad if she could send a communication to some friends on Malastare so they might launch a relief effort to locate any survivors of the Ziggurat on Luma. Jad allowed her to make an encrypted transmission.

Burgan Graal the Chevin businessman and Edus Fiana the Arcona fought over the food. Graal claimed Fiana was stealing food. Fiana said he was looking for salt. Dr. Rip gave Fiana some salt to feed his addiction and keep him docile.

A few days later, Edus Fiana attacked Nayva Swift with a knife, slashing her across the arm.

Fiana claimed she was still putting voices in his head, as she had done when Jaren Laa kept them prisoner. That she was telling him to kill ‘the lizard’ (meaning Hrossk).

Dr. Rip sedated Fiana and mended Swift’s wound. The group decided to keep Fiana tied up and to implement a buddy system, pairing members of the party with a passenger to keep an eye on them.

Cacete Darwin, the Togruta dancer, had been cold toward Dr. Rip since the night they talked, and she made a connection with Jad Renek.

Hrossk went to check on Aurren Cado and found him dead, from multiple stab wounds to the chest. Dr. Rip examined him and determined his wounds were caused by Fiana’s knife and that he was killed in his sleep.

The crew and the passengers all discussed the possibilities that Fiana was telling the truth and that Nayva Swift was indeed somehow manipulating events with her mind, or that Jaren Laa still existed and was somehow taking over the mind of someone besides Nayva Swift.

Ti’mouth’ca volunteered to stay with Nayva, Jad paired with Cacete Darwin, Burgan Graal offered to pair with Hrossk, and Amitey Baldor the Gran politician paired with Dr. Rip.

Burgan Graal recognized Hrossk, asking him if he used to work for Black Sun Vigo Rek Vapasi as a bodyguard. Graal said he’d seen Hrossk with Vapasi on Malastare once on business. Hrossk angrily denied it.

Recognizing the name Rek Vapasi, Dr. Rip grew noticeably worried and left the room.

Later, when they were alone, Hrossk threatened Graal to keep quiet about Rek Vapasi and Black Sun. Graal insisted he knows nothing about the Eye of Rodia.

After around two weeks in space, the ship arrived at its destination, in orbit around an M-class planet with blue oceans and several large continents. Satellites orbited the planet and the lights of populous cities could be seen below.

Jad attempted to communicate with the planet and received transmissions of a musical nature, with multiple voices singing, sometimes separately and sometimes in harmony.

The ship received a beacon signal from the largest city below. As they descended toward the planet, they passed through cloud cover into a ferocious storm.

Proximity alarms blared as the ship nearly collided with a large sharp, jagged cruiser with red trim on white. It and two smaller ships appeared to be performing a bombing run on the city below.

The larger ship spun out of control and crashed into the outskirts of the city as two small sleek white fighters approached the Sad Remerel…


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