Explorers on the Edge

Intrigue Under The Sea

Session 7


Having been tasked with locating Cad Bane‘s wife Nayva Swift, the party set out in search of Alanna Zarbo, a ship’s navigator who claimed to have information on her whereabouts.

The PCs discovered Alanna was a member of a Rebel cell called Night Watch and rescued her from an Imperial assault.

Alanna informed the party that Nayva Swift had been on board a ship hijacked by pirates and headed for coordinates in the Unknown Regions.

At the starport

Tark and Jad sliced into computers at the starport and located a storage locker owned by Enela Ranston but paid for by Alanna Zarbo. It contained some underwater gear and a highly illegal BlackOps Data Breaker.

They cracked the Data Breaker and learned that it had been used to intercept Imperial communications to and from Moff Salessar. Salessar has been trying to increase the Imperial influence over Kalandra but is having trouble with a group of Rebels called the Night Watch and their leader, Bela Russio.

Streetwise underwater

Ti’mouth’ca and HK-6 went underwater and asked around in the Mon Calamarian bars. Nobody knew anything about Alanna Zarbo, but Ti’mouth’ca ate some good seafood.

At the Blue Mynock

The party traced Enela Ranston to the Blue Mynock, an exotic cantina in the Refugee District.

They spoke with its proprietor, a corpulent Twi’lek named Farani. He was clearly powerful and influential but carefully neutral about local politics. He showed no feelings about Imperials rounding up refugees on the streets.

They spotted Enela Ranston trying to sneak out of the restaurant, and HK-6 followed her to an abandoned shopping center called Sunside Arcade.

In the Sunside Arcade

They took a turbolift to the bottom floor, and the lift filled with water. The group put in rebreathers and were greeted with a security door and a computer counting down from 20 to 0.

On reaching 0, the party received a potent electric shock from the security system, but Tark was able to deactivate it before it could hurt them too badly.

The Night Watch

Further into the underwater abandoned mall, the PCs discovered a meeting of a Rebel cell called the Night Watch, led by Sullustan Bela Russio. Enela Ranston and Alanna Zarbo were both listening to him speak.

They observed the Rebel meeting in secret until an explosion rocked the building and Imperial Seatroopers attacked.

Imperial Raid

The Rebels held their ground while their computer technicians erased their data from the computers, taking heavy casualties from the Imperial troops.

The party eventually came to the assistance of the Rebels, with Ti’mouth’ca engaging several Seatroopers at close range, and Jad taking control of an Imperial seasled to take out several more troopers. Tark jammed the Imperials’ communications, preventing them from calling for backup. Enela Ranston was killed in the attack.

Eventually the Imperials were defeated and the PCs helped Bela Russio, Alanna Zarbo, and the surviving Rebels escape in the Imperials’ submarine.

What happened to Nayva Swift?

This convinced the Rebels that the party were, if not on their side, at least not their enemies.

Alanna told them what she knows about Nayva Swift:

  • Alanna was on a freighter called the Bendara’s Thousand
  • Nayva Swift had paid to travel on the ship
  • Alanna saw the ship’s destination changed to coordinates in the Unknown Regions
  • There was an explosion, and the ship was boarded by Rodian pirates
  • Alanna escaped in a lifepod

She doesn’t know if Nayva survived, but she gave the PCs the coordinates of the ship’s destination in the Unknown Regions.

Bela Russio and the Deadeyes

Jad Renek asked Bela Russio about the Deadeyes. Russio said the group had been disavowed by Rebel High Command for their vicious and dangerous tactics. They caused too many civilian casualties.

Russio has heard the Deadeyes were trying to organize an attack on Eriadu, the homeworld of Grand Moff Tarkin, who had been in charge of the Death Star.

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